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Drive your business forward by harmonizing business and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategies.

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VISION Workshops:

• DEI(B) – The importance of multiple perspectives

• Become a change agent: embracing DEI(B) and culture change

• Lead the Bid with DEI(B)

• Diverse Work force: best practices, policies, compliance

• Contractor [enable] / Subcontractor [drive] compliance

• Enabling subcontractor compliance

• Driving sub-contractor compliance

ACTION Workshops

• Piloting Project Compliance [an applied approach w/Merge-Tek]

• Implementing Diverse Workforce compliance

• Develop an effective DEI(B) Strategy

• Sub-contractor Skill Development

TECH Workshops

• Project Compliance

• Subcontractor compliance

• Work Force Compliance

Compliance Management

• Innovation Approach: Fail Fast / Succeed Sooner
• Piloting Project Compliance
• Processes
• Project Sub-contractor compliance
• Workforce Compliance
• Reporting
• 3rd Party Integrations

On the Phone
Taking an Exam

Business Consulting Services (an entrepreneurial approach)

  • Project management consulting.

  • Operations management.

  • Supply chain management.

  • Forecasting.

  • Reporting.

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