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Instantly find construction

top-rated minority subcontractors and job seekers

Using a Touch Phone


  • Access to thousands of certified minority-owned companies/workforce.

  • Rated MWBEs to facilitate selection process.

  • Achieve/excel minority participation goals.

  • Get real-time workforce compliance reports.

  • DEI consulting services.

  • Create/share technical and human-skills trainings.

  • Manage contacts.



  • Track real-time workforce compliance.

  • Monitor workforce minority participation goals in real time.

  • Promote your services.

  • Discover new bid opportunities.

  • Business consulting services.

  • Access to technical and human-skills trainings.

  • Gain visibility.

  • Build reputation.

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Job Seeker

  • Get access to job postings immediately.

  • Access to new companies.

  • Build an amazing career in construction.

On the Phone

Owner/Public Entity

  • Get real-time MWBE and minority workforce compliance reports per contract.

  • Improve diversity within projects.

  • Achieve desired compliance goals.

Simplify Your Minority Compliance With Just One Click


Pick a Role

Pick if you are a Prime Contractor, Subcontractor, Job Seeker, Owner, Public Entity or an Association


Look for Minority Subcontractors or Prime Contractors or a Job


Manage Dashboard

Manage your projects, project compliance, jobs posted

Track Compliance

Track, analyze and report minority participation compliance


Job Seekers

Find Jobs Instantly


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Prime Contractor: Merge-Tek could save us tens of thousands of dollars a year

Public Entity: Merge-Tek is a great option to track minority compliance

Subcontractor: Merge-Tek will open project opportunities for us

Owner: Merge-Tek will reduce our recruiting events by providing virtual access to minority subcontractors.

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